Discount program for You! 
We invite all our current and future guests to take advantage of program of discounts on accommodation with us.
Get a discount of 10% immediately after the first visit to us!
How it works:
- discount card for 10% discount and we will reward You upon departure after the first of Your settlement in "Dobroslawa". You will be able already during the second visit to us, to show us this card to receive Your discount from our prices of Your tariff, then You will be handed out the following discount card, at 15% discount,
- discount card for 15% discount, You will be able to present at the third race for us and we for You reduce the price by 15%, from the price of Your tariff, and when retirement will issue You a new discount card to receive 20-percent discounts for the next (fourth) of Your visit to us
- discount card for 20 percent discount will work for You and reduce the cost of Your fourth stay in "Dobrosława" 20% of the tariff value of Your chosen property. Your fourth stay in "Dobrosława" is the basis for eligibility in the eviction of Your CARD PRIVILEGIANDO GUEST "Dobrosława" for a permanent 25% discount for all Your subsequent visits to us,
card preferred guest 25% discount is personalized with all Your subsequent visits in "Dobroslawa"(from fifth) allows You - in person(not transferable to another person)- to get a 25% discount on accommodation from the price of the chosen tariff value!

Since 2012 we make Your stay in our city comfortable and safe!
During Your visits to Rostov-on-don, choose "Dobroslawa"!