Policies Guest rooms in the "Dobrosława" House
        ("Dobrosława" House Rules)     

"Dobroslawa" designed to live in the Russian citizens and foreign nationals.
mode "Dobroslawa" - non.
Check-out time - 12:00. Eviction guest operating until 12:00.     

Payment for accommodation in rooms are charged according to the checkout time, the provisions of this Regulation and in force in the State Duma "Dobroslawa" price list (price list). When you place less than a day will be charged for a full day regardless of the time of settling the guest. The room can be made when making a guest prepayment rates equal to the cost for the entire term of the planned guest (in some cases, no guarantee of a prolongation of residence, consent "Dobroslawa" can pay for the first guest overnight stay, followed by a one-time surcharge remaining amount of the payment for the remainder of the stay, or the day, but no later than check-out time).     

Payment for accommodation and additional services will only be accepted in cash "Dobrosława": by debiting the amount of the cost of services in the guest's credit card or in cash and the issuance of a compulsory guest of the document confirming the deposit payment. Payment by other means and without the issuance of the supporting documents are not available and is not recognized by the "Dobrosława."

Booking rooms in "Dobrosława" is guaranteed only if the prepayment total cost over the life of your residence (non-return rate), in other cases is not a guaranteed booking.     

Check (check) guest from 14:00 current day local time. Your room before 14:00 hours (early arrival guests) only, subject to availability, ready for occupancy. The accommodation is available for guests only on presentation of a passport processed in a Russian legislation.     

After a period of residence guest must leave the room until check-out time, the extension of the period of residence made only upon availability.

Extension of stay for a period of less than a day is not made.

For the safety of guests staying, entry of visitors to the guests "Dobroslawa" performed on the document, identity and must be accompanied by a guest. Visitors must leave the "Dobroslawa" not later 23 hours, otherwise the payment is made for the visitor, as a guest for a day hosted by additional place.

Accommodation in "Dobroslawa" Guests are not allowed.

To confirm the status and enter freely into the building and into the territory of the State Duma "Dobrosława" guests necessary to have a "guest cards"

"Dobrosława" provides guests with no extra cost the following services:

Additional services are provided in accordance with the approved price list (price list). Information about additional services and current prices are at the front reception, a guest room or on the point of service.

Guests are required to:


Guests are prohibited:

"Dobrosława" is not responsible for the loss of money, other currency valuables, securities, credit and phone cards, jewelry and other valuables are not deposited in the safe at the front desk "Dobrosława."

"Dobrosława" may terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally or refuse to extend the period of residence in the event of a guest residence order or fire safety rules late payment, causing a guest damages.

Settling in number, please check the requirements of fire safety:     
  1. not allowed to bring and store room flammable liquids, explosives and materials.
  2. not cover lamps, table lamps, and other lighting and other electrical tissue or other materials.
  3. No smoking in all areas of the "Dobrosława».
  4. Leaving the room, be sure to turn off all electrical appliances: televisions, stereos, lamps, lighting, fumigators, hair dryers, electric kettles, hobs, hoods, microwave ovens, etc.
  5. Never use fireworks.

In case of fire:

  1. immediately inform the Administrator "Dobrosława" the fire by calling 116, and at 01 in emergency fire service Russian Emergencies Ministry.
  2. Open the red electronic fire alarms and press an alarm button.
  3. will lead children and immediately leave the room and the building itself, closing the windows and doors.

Guest has concluded a contract for accommodation is required to bring these Regulations Policies and fire security to the guests, and children living with him in the room.